The figures and calculations on the share of animal agriculture in climate change differ widely. The most common and at the same time smallest figure (14.5%) comes from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). Here it must be taken into account that the FAO is steered and finan­ced by all global animal industries.

The following slides provide an overview of various analyses, their calculations and main issues.

A tabular one-page overview (PDF) incl. list of references and links to all references can be downloaded here:

Based on the input of customizable parameters, this online calculator allows the calculation of the contributions of livestock and fossil fuel industries to global warming:

Short-lived climate forcers (SLCFs)

Most studies do not consider the short-term but very strong effects of methane, and even all studies do not consider cooling aerosols at all. "Short-lived climate forcers" (SLCFs) are anthropogenically emitted, short-lived gases with atmospheric lifetimes ranging from hours to a few years. They can have both cooling and heating effects. Ignoring these gases can lead to fatal phase-out strategies from climate-damaging industries.